About Healthires

Our Story

After graduating in 2020, Akshay and Ashlesh started their 1st venture to address the problem of finding authentic online courses. They created a marketplace that curated and filtered the best and most affordable courses. Over the next two years, the platform helped half a million learners find the best online courses globally and was acquired by Hutch International in May 2022.

I had a passion for unemployment issues in India.After brainstorming, researching the unemployment issue in India and then identified there is a need for a better hiring process in healthcare that blends health and technology. I then started working at a healthcare recruiting firm to understand the market on a grassroots level and shortlisted over 150 candidates for 5+ hospital closing vacancies for doctors and nurses.

This led to the creation of Healthires, A technology platform that aims to make hiring faster, easier, and more affordable in healthcare, Took feedback from over 5 HRs on the product, and is now a testing pilot in Bengaluru.

2% Pledge

We have pledged 2% of equity, resources, time and profits to empower the healthcare system in India.

1% - For families whose family member has sacrificed his/her life during work

1%- For empowering rural healthcare in india.

Our Professional Family

Ashlesh Vikhe


Abhijeet Soni

CBO (IIT, Bombay)

Payal Bulani

HR & Ops

Aashay Kapoor

Tech Partner

Pritam Dey

Product Designer

Neha Jayprakash

Marketing Manager


Software Developer

Our Consulting Family

Pankaj Wagh

HR Healthcare-8 Years Exp


HR Healthcare-5 Years Exp

Milestones Achieved

Hired for over 5 hospitals

Completed Gtm4Health Program

Consulted several medical professionals

Built a team of 5 passionate folks

Currently building advanced tech