2% Pledge

2% Pledge (For a Lifetime)
Non-Profit organization

We have pledged 2% of equity, resources, time and profits to empower healthcare system in India.

What exactly is a 2% pledge?

Pledge 2% is a philanthropic movement that engages healthires as an organisation to give back to society with a commitment of giving 2% equity, resources, time and profits for a lifetime to the community that saves our lives.

1% – For families whose family member has sacrificed his/her life during work

Healthcare workers were at a very high risk of getting infected and risk of getting their families infected as well.

A large number of healthcare workers lost their lives while serving society. This pledge is to help the families of those healthcare workers financially and help them ease the financial pain/burden they are left under.

Why there is need?


974 health workers died of COVID-19: Centre


Many Families Covid-19: India health workers' families fight for compensation.


And apart from many more lives are lost each year during work as we go further.

Doctors and Nurses Died During Corona

1,342 doctors have died in the line of duty ever since the pandemic began last year. Since March 2020, on an average, three doctors have died in the country every day. At Least 594 doctors have died across India during the second wave of COVID-19. This means on an average 10 doctors died every day in the country in the two months of the raging second wave.

These are just the reported data that has been collected. But there may be many cases left unreported. They acted like a helping hand when we needed help and now it’s our responsibility and duty to help their families and to stand for their support.

For that reason, we felt the need to step in and help as much as we can from our side, in whatever way possible.

1%- For empowering rural healthcare in India.

  1. Healthcare in India has improved dramatically, but it remains urban-centric
  3. Evidence on What Works for Rural Primary Care


Why do we feel the need to take pledges?

With the intention to do good and benefit others, we here at healthires take this pledge to commit to giving back to social causes. Not just to impact the lives of our team members but the people all across the globe.

  1. When a company is involved in culture and works for a society it provides great motivation to its employees, increases customer satisfaction and further helps in financial situations and performances.
  2. It gives a platform to its employees to give back to society, and help the community be a better place.
  3. It sets a great example for the investors, consumers, clients and other people and groups engaging with the company.